Joe Pseudonym (digitalwatches) wrote,
Joe Pseudonym

Evo reporting and a return to summer-boredom syndrome.

So I got in from Evo last night. It was fun as hell, and included a buncha-muncha-cruncha sleep deprivation. I got to meet and play people from all over the US and Japan (Mostly Guilty Gear and a little Melty Blood.) Not surprisingly, the Japanese players won a lot of the tourneys, or placed high in them (Especially GGXX, where the difference between America's level and Japan's is much greater.)

But the most fun part was the casuals. Just sitting around and playing people was fun. The main regions I got to play against were NYC, MI, and SoCal (And of course three or four Japenese players.) Plus, as a bonus, I got to practice (and get complimented on) my Japanese. All in all very fun, and I'll definitely go again next year (Hopefully by then I'll have a job.)
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